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ITALIAN Our Food Staff Parma
Caviar; Wine; Olive Oil; Chocolate; Biscuits
Southern Europe - Italy
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Our Food Staff Parma originated from the project of four friends, who united their professional know-how, to put in practice their passion... food, tradition, motherland.

That's what "Food Staff" is: a team of independant consultants, who have long been working in Emilia, for a wide range of important companies; we promote the products we believe in, the products of high quality we have seleced, the products we put on our families' tables.

We couldn't have left out the word "Parma"..our origin...our main brand that speaks for itself and is a demonstration of quality and solidity. We have developed necessary skills to be considered experts; this kind of know-how inherited from our grandparents and our parents, helped Parma to create a world-wide reputation as the producer of inimitable Parmesan cheese and Parma ham.

And what does "Our" stand for? Our staff. But not only ours. It' is the staff of all those companies that would like to enter a consultant network to promote their own products; it's the staff of italian and foreign distributors that would like to get a high food quality catalogue; it's the staff of restaurant and shop owners, who want to make sure that what the products they sell, are the very products they would give their sons.

Our catalogue includes cheese, cold cuts, wines, mushrooms, pasta, bio oil, pastries, chocolate, caviar, fish of italian and foreign producers.

Company Profile
Company Name: ITALIAN Our Food Staff Parma
Company Type: Enterprise ()
Area: Southern Europe/Italy
Employee : 50-99 people
Registered Capital: Not filled
Year Established: 2010
Data certification:
Business scope: Caviar; Wine; Olive Oil; Chocolate; Biscuits
Sales of products: Caviar; Wine; Olive Oil; Chocolate; Biscuits
Agriculture & Food / Beverage Agriculture & Food / Canned Food Agriculture & Food / Cocoa, Coffee & Preparation
Agriculture & Food / Fat & Oil Agriculture & Food / Meat & Preparation